Dear Jazz,
I am sorry you had to leave us, i miss you every day, but there is a calm that has come over the house since your departure and i must say it is very nice.
You came to us as a bad pregnancy buy, i was six months and felt we just had to have you. I was wrong. The first night you whined allllll night and the second was only slightly better. 
The moment I put you on the ground when we bought you home and you charged inside, stuck your face into Denis the Cat who was sleeping and proceeded to clawed you in the eye. That quick incident had us taking you to the vet every week and cost us a fortune. I guess it was great you didn't lose your eye you would never see out of it again.
I remember the first time you were running too fast with me on your blind side and took my legs out from under me. I was pregnant still, your weren't fully grown but already you could bowl me over. When you were bigger you did it to me repeatedly. You never even knew it was you that knocked me down, you were just so strong.

In summer you used to over heat so easy and lay in the pond to cool off and drink at the same time. You used to come in and be roll on the floor with Baby Georgie. You were so gentle with her and i appreciate it.
I was so sad the first time you killed all my chooks, the second and third times were just as bad. For some reason you started to know that this made me very angry and upset and you mostly left them alone. Then the missions of neighborhood destruction begun. You  repeatedly wiped out neighboring chook houses. Once i had to whip my eight week sleeping baby up to run up to the neighbors house to see what damage you had done. 
We could never trust you, you would wonder off all the time and i hate keeping dogs chained up day and night. Its not fair to anyone.
You love to get in cars and often surprised visitors by charging at them to get in their car and then sit happily next to them. The worst but slightly funniest time was when you got in Nana's car to sit on their old lady friend in the back seats lap. She ended up with bruises, i had to see them a week later when she pulled down her pants to show me. Thanks.
You terrorized the cats, the neighbors, the children, the cars. You couldn't be trusted to just sit out side without destroying property, animals or taking yourself off on a walk. You made it very hard to like you some days but still you had a good heart and i knew of your soft loving nature. I still miss having you around the house...sometimes.
The day the dog catchers arrived you had been locked up for two weeks after wiping out the neighbors chook house in half and hour. I let you off for a run because i felt sorry for you. A nasty neighbor rang the catchers (without talking to us first) the instant they saw you off. At that point I was at my wits end with you, i didn't want a dog i couldn't trust to stay at home and behave so regretfully, with tears dripping on the page, i signed you over to the pound.
I was assured you would find a good home. I hope you have. Without chooks around and a secure backyard i know you could be very happy. You have a beautiful heart and i hope someone else can see that about you.
I am sorry to say that there is this amazing calm over the house now. The chooks are safe, Winston no longer needs locking up with you everyday, Georgie can get out of the car without getting knocked to the floor, the cats are free to walk up to the house and not get mauled.
I am sad without you Jazz but also relieved. I hope you are happy and i am very sorry that we could not do any more for you. The three years you spent with us were tiring and i truly hope that we have done the right thing by you. Its taken me four weeks to get the courage to write this post but i wish you good luck Jazz were ever you are. 
Love always Michelle xoxoxo

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.