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The thing about radio is that you can't listen to all the music you only like, on the other hand i HATE listening to the same ten songs ALL day. Commercial radio is also big commercial. Combine it with irritating presenters and the teeny bopper programming commercial radio gets one big eye roll from me. I also like to be introduced to new music, i need to fulfill that need of the new. I also like an eclectic mix. I love everything from folk to rap but detest anything country or hard core metal.
The only radio station that i have found that has even come close is of course Triple J. I have been listening to them since grade 9. There have been times when i cringe at what i am listening too but also rejoice in the new bands and music that they have introduced to me.
Yesterday i was introduced to an independent radio station coming from our sweet Hobart, Edge Radio. I have been listening to them today have been quite impressed thus far. No teeny bopper music and mostly stuff that fits in with my taste. While their playlist is relatively new to me i think that just takes some more listening to get my head around their stuff, same as when you first come off a commercial channel, start listening to an independent station and literally knowing not one song being played.
I became aware of this station because i was asked to do an interview on their Thursday Craft is the new Black segment. I am so happy that they feature stuff like this. Today i have been listening to another hour of programming by a roller derby enthusiast. I have a great feeling about this radio station.
You can listen if your in Hobart to it via 99.3 FM or stream it by going to their website (which i have been doing today). I also adore their "themes" and their look. There is a vintage feel through our their website and promotions. I love that they also focus heavily on arts and indie work, how nice is that. Rock on Hobart.. and you go girlfriend Tassie... thankyou.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.