Mad Hatters Tea Party

In my past i have studied my Masters in Contemporary Arts. In my region there is currently no work for someone with my degree but i mange to keep my hand in curatorial duties at ArtsCape, Made with Love and my general arts practices. I like to have new projects on the go and so i was thrilled to be given the October time slot for the Wonders of Wynyard Gallery. This may not sound like a major achievement to non-Wynyarders but here in Windy Wynyard in October it is TULIP  FESTIVAL time. Our visitor numbers increase out-of-site and since the exhibition area is also attatched to the Visitor Info centre there is a huge demand to get into that space for the October time slot.

Naturally i dont have time to fill the room with only my works so i have invited people to join me in an exhibition entitled "Mad Hatters Tea Party". They are mostly my fellow Stitchers n Bitchers but i have some other people putting in works as well. I am so excited to see some of the works and ideas for works that we will be getting in the exhibiton and i am super excited to curate this one. It's going to be FAB!!!

My day job is graphic design/desktop publisher, so layouts are my bread and butter. Therefore i thought i should also make a FAB exhibition guide to go along with it....but more about that when i get the work in to photograph them.

I have asked entrants to keep their work to a three piece maximum but with free range on the subject matter. If you feel that you cannot live with out being a part of this exhibition then email (michellewalkerdesigns(at)gmail(dot)com) or comment below with your idea and i will see if we can squeeze you in, the more the merrier. Did i mention how excited about this project?? Think "Quirky/left of centre" and anything "tea" related. Medium is irrelevant.

Above is a sneak peak at one of my works and below is a tag that i found on one of the retro tea towels....Czechosloviakia...who would have thought!!! I scanned the others i had with me and most were from China but i did find another from Poland...well i never.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.