The highs and lows of thrifting.

Today i got my tax done, right next to one of my favorite thrifting jaunts. Just one little look i thought...and since i am in town i may as well go to another..then just one more, "Mum i don't wanna go to vinnies anymore"...damn best go home then.
I did score some lovely stuff, these tea cups and some miscellaneous plates and bowls (not pictured), a pile of vintage pillow cases (not pictured), Some table cloths (below) and this cute stitched little owl.

Now for the moan....OMG how expensive have Vinnies got!!!! At one i got an arm load of sheets and they tried to slug me $60 bucks!!! Usually i would have got it for $20 or under. quite a jump!! I actually had to put stuff back. I was shattered so i went down-hearted to the next shop...and again i saw outrageous prices on stuff. When did this happen???

I know its for charity and i am happy to give them my money. I also love to create with vintage materials as you can get a more "unique" look, and it always depends on what you can find as to what you can create. When it comes down to it they are not "antiques" nor are they antique shops. Lets be honest most them smell so bad i gag and wash my goods immediately when i get home.

If i was struggling  and used the stores to clothe my family i would be hard up to buy anything from vinnies at those prices, and isn't that what they are there for?? To cater to those that don't have much money?? Adding to my pissed off state was a man that was sent down to get a free bed from an agency claiming that the bed wasn't good enough for him . He refused to take it, even getting slightly annoyed that he wasn't offered a "new" bed.

I will continue to support second hand stores regardless of their prices i just think its a bit rich. If us "sewers" hadn't made this stuff "vogue" again then who would buy it?? It would be just landfill and that is not what the earth needs. We do not want boutique. We are not asking for the shops to become neat and less smelly, but now you have raised the prices you should also lift your game. Volunteers who can crack a smile wouldn't go astray either....just saying.

End rant, thanks for listening.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.