How to make your wife happy


I was watching Dr Phil today, a rare occurrence. They were talking about how to make to make your wife happy. Their rules were good but i feel they missed out one very very important thing. Men you need to listen...the most important foreplay is Yes you heard If you leave your crap around the house, muddy foot prints on the floor and dishes everywhere but the sink then your woman is going to get crabby. When your woman is crabby she is not going to feel very "lovin". If you clean up after yourself, especially the things that aren't yours (shock horror) you may find your woman in a state of relaxed bliss...the first real step to having a stress free, harmonious and loving relationship.

When you were in the first stages of the relationship it was all lovely-dovey and seemed amazing in comparable to what you have now...why is that? BECASUE SHE DIDN'T HAVE TO CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR MESSY ARSE!!!! She wasn't stressed in juggling work, housework, children and perhaps a social life. Therefore making for the most perfect conditions of a budding romance.

I have a rule in my house that i am enforcing due to my lack of enthusiasm for constant nagging over the same shit every day. The rule goes like this, "You leave it there after i have asked you to not leave it there and it goes directly to the bin. If its "missing" then go check the trash." My kitchen has a corner where the Mr leaves paper work. This is not the place for it. His phone charger gets left in power points and the cord drapes over my working kitchen space. This is not the place for it. I have warned him, the bin was the next destination. I will not be giving any more warnings. So far the paper work and phone charger has ended up in the bin three times. Each time dished back out by him. Still the point is not getting through. I wonder if it will take for those items to go make it to the tip before he learns. As you may tell this does not bring out my "lovin" side. Grrrrrrr......Still he is learning to clean up after himself but the training is hard work and i am tired of the whinging. I don't have the energy to get the "nag" up. If only there was an easier way. Living by ones self is the only true fire way to not clean up other peoples mess......

oh sorry...

.....went to a day dream then.

In the corner of my eye i can see that stuff still on my kitchen bench...i think i have to go..i need to "clean up". Consider yourself warned.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.