Blogging Peeves


This next post is not meant to offend any one nor directed at any one person, but after blogging for a while i have noticed general trends that give me the urks...sit back people this may get ugly....
  1. People that don't put in their profile where in the world they originate from. I'm not talking about a complete address but a simple state and/or country would be nice. I like to know how and where bloggers are situated, how this effects what they are influenced by and how they blog.
  2. People that constantly use other peoples pictures. Do they do this to make their blog look better? A little use of others people work/pictures for illustrations purposes and with the right credits back to the owner is a given, but not EVERY post.
  3. People that constantly look for sympathy/ hand outs/ recognition/ fishing for new "followers".
  4. Bloggers that participate in "My/Our Creative Space" post but don't actually "do" anything that week but still want people to go to their blog. It makes me feel ripped off. I don't want to go to your blog if your telling me your having a cup of coffee while reading other peoples blogs....sorry.
  5. Bloggers who are bitchy without being funny.
  6. Bloggers that score better stuff than me while thrifting. That just pisses me off.
  7. "Doily Splats" as a sewing triumph.
  8. Spam comments.
  9. Fonts that are hard to read, too big and center justified for no reason.
  10. Photo heavy posts when i have bad internet that sometimes takes FOREVER to load.
  11. Un-originalness (yes its a word because i said so)/ copycats.
  12. People that make up silly words that don't exist. ie as with Q11.
  13. Commercialism of Blogs, i am referring to third part ads not blogs promoting peoples products. It's either a web page to make money...or a blog.
  14. Constant close up pictures that only let me stalk on a minimal level.
  15. Secretiveness. If its a secret don't blog about it being a secret.
  16. Saying you are giving up blogging to decipher how much people want you to blog/ read your blog....then not giving it up.
  17. People that take a lovely vintage garment then hack the sh@t out of it to make a hideous crappy garment that no one will wear...EVER.
  18. Trout pouts and fish faces (wait.... that's facebook...a whole other peeves list)
  19. Sad sacks, groany moany's, preachyness, whingeing.
  20. "Like everything is so super duper awesome/nice/beautiful/lovey dovey...sham-wow!!!" ....SPEW.
Look people ...please don't get all Hoyty-Toytee and start getting all paranoid about, "am i doing that??". Tis just silly remarks as  a way to make my own posts better by not repeating the mistakes that i find most irritating. I am pretty sure i could make a bigger list here but this will do for now.
Thankyou for listening

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    Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.