Trash Bags @ Made with Love

This months Made with Love Bazaar was amazing. The vibe in the centre was excellent and all the girls stalls had a very successful day. We had an Italian man making pasta, fresh sushi, buskers, henna, massages, along with all the wonderful goodies that the girls make. 

We also looked like trash bags as this months theme was "Trashy House Wife" I have to admit it wasn't my favourite dress up theme. Mainly due to the majority of public opinion that we hadn't dressed up at all. Apparently (and I think this is actually correct) its not unusual for people to be dressed like this and wondering the streets. I have included one picture of us dressed up, please be kind....we kinda fit the part though right??


Seriously though it was hard working to get to look like this: hard to get the make up to look smudged and slept in, putting rollers in and looking crabby (well that part comes naturally of course). Sarah explains the trial of looking bad on her post here.  Rolling out of bed is easy you say, my hair is always this messy when i get out of bed you say...ha!!

As you can obviously tell by my photos that there is something unusual going on. It may seem that they look more amazing than usual. Well you would be right. My lovely friend Naomi (blog found here) came along and treated us with her awesome photo abilities. Seriously you must go over to the Made with Love page and treat your self to the full shoot she kindly did for us.  We haven't told her yet but she's defiantly being kidnapped to do it for every market. It was such a treat not to have to run around  ourselves trying to snap stolen moments, then there is the whole amazing photo thing....

This market I also treated myself to one of brilliant Jac's Necklaces. I will post a photo of mine (all mine I tell ya!!!) soon.  Jac has also started a blog for her jewellery "Avy loves Ned", she's so brave, so make sure you pop over and stalk her to bits.

A big thank you to all those that made the weekend amazing. Love you to bits

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.