Parenting, You're doing it wrong!!!

 You may not believe me but I am not about to have a rant about how to parent or not to parent. I don't believe in telling people "the right way" to raise a child. I just know what is right for us. Parenting is so subjective. However I do disagree with what some people think is appropriate in bringing up a child. From my own childhood I have stood by things that I never want to do to my children. I also believe that parents must be parents. They need to say no to their children and discipline only upsets them for a very short time and in the end teaches them how to act appropriately in the world. For example if say to your child "if you don't be good for your haircut you wont get a lolly" then you need to stand by the rules. Screaming, wiggling and being generally naughty does not include a reward. Time and time again I see parents not enforcing the words that they are saying. Would you obey if you knew there were no consequences?

On the front cover of the Mercury today there was an article about child abuse that just made me cringe so much. I hear stories of children attending school with no or moldy lunch. It breaks my heart to think that these children don't even stand a chance of getting ahead in life simply because of their childhood situation. 
On a Jo Frost parenting show the other night there was a child who had ADHD. I felt so bad for the parents. Anyone thrown into that helpless situation is at a loss on how to handle it. With a few simple instructions the parents had been taught how to handle the situation. Any parent would have been in the same lost boat, in this situation, this is not naughty but medical (in this case anyway).

My parenting concept may vary from many others but i know my little girl is thriving, learning and getting as much out of life as she can right now. I believe that it does take a village to raise a child and Miss G benefits from the time spent being looked after by Nan and Childcare while i work. I also become a better parent as i am not run down and twitching at home. I am not the kind of person that can be house bound for long. She learns so much from paid care: she learns new songs every day: she learns ABC's and numbers: she learns to socialise and interact: she practices art and play. While i could teach her these things at home i know that i would be inundated with house work and various other home duties to be able to sit with her all day and "teach". I also love to do these things with her on my days off and make special time to look away from the house duties and play.

I don't think anyone should judge another for parenting and simply offer advice to new Mums, unless of course there is neglect involved.  Stay at home, breast feed, bottle feed, sleep patterns, they are all subjective. The only sound advice I can offer is to find your own way, make good decisions and think about the adult you are creating.
This post was not meant to be about parenting actually, i really just wanted to make you laugh at these pictures. The trouble always begins when i start writing words to go with it....hee hee. Also you must google bad parenting images....a little bit funny.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.