I {heart} Bed

I loathe going to bed. I rarely go to bed before 12 even on a school night. The evenings are when the house work is done, little girls is in bed, the big boy is snoring and i finally get some ME time.
TV is too boring to bare without creating something every night. Don't get me wrong I love it staying up late, it makes me happy. Getting out of bed in the morning is a completely different story. I love sleeping once I'm in there it's the mornings that are my nemesis.

I had a thought this week that maybe if i have a bed i would love to get into i might enjoy it more. I have been inspired by the beautiful bed setting hanging out in blog land so i got about sewing my own. I found a lovely hand embroidered table cloth at an oppie and thought i might turn it in to a dress one day. I couldn't quite work up the courage to cut into it. I was so pleased i hadn't when i had the idea to make into a bed spread (doona cover).

It was so hard to photo the detail of the table cloth as it was white on white but trust me its a pretty amazing piece of handiwork. I attached it to a vintage sheet and backed it up with the matching sheet on the bottom. I used button holes at the end to hold it together. Lastly i embroidered some heart in the center for a bit of extra detail. I am pretty chuffed with my new "pretty space".

You may have heard the horrible rumor of people creating doily splats. It a sad phenomena that pops up time and time again. Since discovering the movement of the splat i have been very careful to not create one myself. Since we started the rumor of it existence (did i say that??) i can't very well go out and go back on my word (or all the fun i have teasing people about it). Unfortunately i think this maybe a re-incarnation of the splat but it's a splat i can live with. In my defense at least i didn't just close my eyes, splat it and sew it down where it laid..and the heart makes it less splat like.....right? Right???

Any hoo...i love it, i might go to bed. Ni Ni.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.