Ferment and Human Nutrtion

Any lovers of Permaculture know about this book "The Permaculture book of Ferment and Human Nutrition". It was written by my boss Bill Mollison some years ago and has been "out of print" for a very long time. The book has now made it into the "rare books" list and is selling on amazon for up to $600!!! 

For those that don't know it's a book on fermenting foods to increase their nutritional value. The recipes and food preparation techniques are some of Bills own but many are collected from indigenous communities from around the world. At first i was very anti-ferment but now i feel like it has opened up a whole new understanding of food for me.

This is the book that i was first employed to work on. To re-lay it out, give it a new look and to get it back out to the public. We get almost daily demands for this book in the office and we have a fairly large waiting list on its new print run.

Two weeks ago we actually got it to a stage where we sent it off to the printers for its first proof print. Since then we have halted the print run to make more alterations. Seriously i am pretty sure this book will be the death of me. I loved it to begin with and now i am starting to despise its twisted humor and complications. I love that i have had so much to do with its new look and i love that i have done all the new art works and slipped in some illustrations of my own. A published illustrator soon i will be!!!

I assure you it will be going back to the printers in the next couple of weeks and it will be fabulous but in the mean time i am developing a eye twinge and neck tick every time i am working on it. Deep breaths...deep breaths...so close now.

My office with the book on the walls in its final editing stage.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.