Sarah kindly (damn you Sarah!!) pointed out to me that there was the miracle "Stats" section within the blog. I had never paid any attention to it before but relied upon those "Feedjit" counter things for a rough guess-ta-mation on any people reading my blog. Sarah did mention they were a bit addictive. I do find them useful finding out info that can help me improve my blogging and what sort of audience i am getting, plus the stalker in me thrives on it.

I was absolutely stunned to see that people were constantly reading one particular previous post of mine. I hadn't really thought about it too much after i posted it as it does not receive additional comments. Within my stats it is my most viewed post of all time. It is of course the "Beetroot Marmalade" recipe inspired by Tasmania's own "Bills Beetroot Marmalade". I am so sorry if i have upset Bill by creating my own recipe but the habit would have literally put me into debt. I still do buy his Marmalade often. It is slightly different than my version.

You can go visit the old post or here it is again if you missed it the first time.....

Recipe is very approximate so use a bit of your own initiative, but the second time i repeated the recipe it came out just as good so i don't really think you can screw it up much.

Red beets (i think i used 4/5 large ones) Peal, grate or cut small strips
Sugar - 2 cups (added more later maybe three in total)
Vinegar - 2 cups (White)
Ginger (powdered or fresh) 1 tsp
Garlic- half clove
Salt/pepper - to taste
To taste or roughly half teaspoon of the following:
Vanillin sugar
Mixed spice

Boil beets in vinegar sugar juice, add spices. Boil/simmer till beets are soft and juice has evaporated a bit. Maybe one hour. Place into sterilized jars with juice covering the beets and once open keep in the fridge.

Num nummmmm. Enjoy.

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