Sniffing Them Out.

 I have discovered i have a unique talent for sniffing out where op shops lay in towns. It also helps that i am "navigator" and can "accidentally" turn the car up a street which i think may be hiding one. I look up side streets, and in slightly out of town areas in the large places. My one favor on the trip is that any i see and put on a pouty face usually results in the car been pulled over and getting "only five minutes" in the oppy, even when we are towing the caravan!!

I am used to knowing where all my local ones are and where the sheets sections hang out so there is no need for me to "find" the stores. It has been an experience finding them but I'm pretty sure i have it down pat. I learn fast.

I have come across so many different types of experiences...clean ones, dirty ones, ones that smell of cat wee, ones that feel like a church, ones that have friendly volunteers, ones that scower as you walk in, child friendly ones and ones that...well...aren't.
If i am pushed for time i head straight for the manchester section as this is where the stuff i really wants lies. Georgie has also got a unique talent to finding where the toys hang out.

I have invested in a cheap store massive bag to store all my stuff in. I do have a budget so i mustn't buy anything that isn't op shopped. I found some lovely ones in a retro store today but they were way out of my price range. I also have rules....don't buy anything you don't truly love, I can get enough fillers and moderate fabric back home. I have found some good scores. The top picture is my current sheet collection and the bottom pictures are tablecloths, pinnies, tea towels and a bit of crochet.  I did almost squealed out loud when i got one fabric, I just wasn't expecting to find any in that oppy. It seems my talent does not lie in being able to judge if a find will happen or not.

When it comes to actually doing some craft this trip i am sorry to report all I have done is a bit of drawing and reading. Packing up , unpacking  camps, a two year old, followed by a drink does not make well for crafting.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.