I Heart Weekends

It always seems to happen. We take a holiday and everything comes into season while you are away. My garden is so productive right now and is about to get really good. My herb spiral is going off and my pond is attracting frogs. I have salad greens everywhere.

The tomatoes are about to go red. Cucumbers, beetroot, spring onions, pumpkins, zucchinis are all ready to be picked. I had to give some away this weekend because i couldn't bare to see it go to waste. Our chicken are laying out of sight and my fridge has been full of eggs.
Such a shame i will be going caravaning for a month right at this time in my gardens cycle...oh well i guess i could endure putting my feet up and be a gypsy for a little bit. We deserve it.

We also poured a slab for our new shed. Who would have thought 20mm out would cause such a fuss. But its in now and the dogs didn't manage to wreak it thank goodness.  I cant wait to get it up then start thinking about my pizza oven and camp kitchen i want to build as an extension on it. Imagine the good times we can have in there. This weekend i also had a great party crew here at home and we had a ball Saturday night. It pays to plan nothing becasue the best nights are impromptu.
I will now leave you with some pictures of tradies at work...look how hot they think they are hee hee...

Ps. For those that are really techy in blogland...help...does anyone has an answer to why your picture disappears in the blog roll lists. Mine has recently gone from everyone's and i have noticed a lot of others in my blog rolls disappearing as well. I cant seem to find an answer in the help section. Does anyone know? Would be great to get everyone's pictures back on the lists.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.