Frangipani Hate

Any one who knows me in real life knows that sometimes...just sometimes.... i get a little angry/ranty over things. I have been known to profess my hate for the a fore mentioned flower. I need to clarify. I don't hate the flower...i hate the Frangipani as a product.

The tropics and sub tropic regions rub it in Tasmania's face that they can grow these awesome plants  while it seems not to show them much value, they are literally laying every where after the rain we have had. While traveling i felt quite honored to find two of these near perfect flowers on the ground. I took them back to the caravan and put one in G's hair. The more i hang out in upper NSW the more i am finding them every where, just laying on the ground. There is quite a dis-regard for their beauty i feel, but i guess the locals are used to them. After all they do grow back, they aren't a relic.
It's such a shame all the bogans got hold of the image before it could get turned into something we regard with beauty rather than cringing with their tackyness.

There are too many products to mention that contain the awful look of tack. In the end its not really about the look of them...its how they are placed on things. The worst offender has to be the car sticker. The "designer" aiming at randomness actually makes them look more "placed" in the process. I did see a post on FB the other day proclaiming that the "My Family" car stickers were more bogany than the frangipanni sticker I am pretty sure we will see them placed together on cars in the near future. I wonder if we could develop a weapon of mass-unboaganess...we would however have to include Play Boy and Jim Beam memorabilia in its seeking powers.

Someone else post here that's quite funny. I haven't googled it but i am sure there are multiple others.

PS i did google....Things Bogans likes post  and How to spot a Bogan written by The Age! (Giggle)

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.