MS Fest Wrap

 When attending this weekends MS Fest i asked the question....why do people attend festivals? For the music, for the social, for the fashion, so you can retain bragging rights as to how many festivals/band you have seen, to drink, to take drugs?

For me its all about the music. I love seeing bands play live, in summer, with friends, with a nice drink on the side. 

The good part of  this festival was far out weighed by the bad. My hippie inside was screaming "get me the @#$%" outta here!!". Other than the usual annoying things about festivals you have to endure i was totally peeved with the bands. I liked the line up, thats why i went. The bands only played for about 50 mins each which in band time is not a long to play. So you would think they would play for the no. Literally every band that i was excited to see played three songs that everyone knew, one cover from another band and heaps of new stuff or crap that wreaked the whole set. I was so pissed with the music i refused to listen to any of the songs played by a band on the previous day on the drive home. 
I had a great group of girls to hang with all day (upside) but i didn't even bother drinking due to the lines to get one then the lines to get rid of one (toilets).

The reason people go to festivals certainly ISN'T about the tweens, arrogant non considerate people, push in liners, 50 min toilet waits, 40 min drink lines, and disgusting wankers that conduct themselves like pigs. Look i know i said i might have been getting to old for these types of festivals...but this is not an "agest" rant. This is just how it was.

Where did all the music love go????? If you can't organise a festival properly...don't bother. As a patron if your going to be aggressive or mess up the toilets so no one else can use them then @#$% off back to the hole you came from. If your a band getting paid good money to play for the fans then how about playing stuff we love and can have fun with.
I'm over festivals like that. The only way you would catch me back there is with a VIP ticket. Have fun at the next one kiddies cause i wont be there.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.