Market Ready (M.C.S)

This week i have been busy finishing off the banners that you see in the post below and in addition i have been flat out with market prep.

We have received so many phone calls from interested new stall holders and i am almost confident we will have a full house inside and outside on the pavers. We have buskers and food in addition to our regulars....this is going to be good!! The signage must be working and the news about our venture is getting around. Hooray!!! I am super duper excited about this "RED" market. There is a vibe in the air of our little sleepy town. I can actually feel the talent emerge as we are setting this up.

My personal stall will have heaps of new items as i collected my stock from the recently closed down "Crossed spoons". I had forgotten how much stock i had there. I am also taking a lot of my old art work down to sell off cheap, Another dead wood moment. Let the old out to welcome the new (so new agey of me...sorry).

All of this has left me more time for cleaning. You may recall my "Dead Wood" post...well keeping that in mind i have also started to cleanse my house and man does it feel good and look amazing. I seem to be less stressed and feel more focused when everything is in order. Maybe this "dead wood" thing will pay off after all. Look how pretty my fabric stash is looking (above). Seriously i have a fabric addiction in which i have no intention of changing, i know all you sewers and op shoppers know what i am talking about. It was great to clean it up as i "found" so much stuff i had forgotten about.

Below is some bad arse monkey's waiting for their faces to be put on. They are hanging out in my recently de-cluttered space.....ahhhh...and breath......

I hope to see you Saturday morning if your around town!!! Make sure you pop in and introduce yourself...

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.