Happy new year everyone. Hope you got crafty amongst the violence of the holidays. I went to Adelaide over Christmas and its always a bit unsettling being away from your materials...especially when you just need that one perfect thing at home to help with a project.

I got a bit of car crochet happening on the long.....long ...long drive between Melbourne and Adelaide. We took the Spirit over...i felt a bit sea sick but Little Miss G spewed in the car most of the way there. Nice.

I also bought home with me a lot of extras. Bargains from op shops (most where shut due to impending Christmas, bastards.) and thoughtful Christmas gifts.

 Thrifted. Little figurines.....no idea what to do with them but couldn't leave them.

 Vintage stocking and tights

A nice pile of thrifted fabric

Souvenir tea towels
 Bags doilies and vintage paper

Ebay vintage pin cushion found by my lovely Mum, it even has a pull out tape measure on the base

Jugs and vases. The middle art deco one was a buck...seriously one dollar!!!

Assorted goodies thrifted by Mum!!!
A fold out sewing box to do up

A cute straw bag

......this wasn't all folks...only all i could be bothered uploading and about as much as i thought you guys could bare reading about. I have missed sharing with you so much stuff recently. I have already started de-stressing this year with more changes to be made soon. Hopefully then i will have more time for posting to bloggy.

Mean while i have been sewing for personal use this week which i ADORE  (i'll post tomorrow) and started today on the market sewing as the first Made with LOVE Bazaar is on this weekend. Well here we go again for another year. Let the fun begin. I wonder what we will learn and create this year.....

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.