Markets and Hippy Love

On the weekend was our third "Made with LOVE" market bazaar, our first for the year. We have planned to hold this market monthly to give our makers time to create for the market as well as create thier own personal stuff with out all the pressure.....i mean we are all about the LOVE....indeed.

We have set up a Facey page so you can keep up to date on our goings on and of course the wrap up of the markets just been.

One great thing we have been able to incorporate into the market is a fun game of dress up. This months theme was "Hippy Love". You can see above Claire and i playing in her Mums super fab van. I am pretty sure i want one of these...i wonder if i could buy another caravan just to dress up all pretty ....hmmmm

We got some new "smanshy" clothes racks for our "Green room". So much safer for the general public than our "inventive" rope system. I adore seeing people in there play dress ups and getting excited about our vintage clothes. If they weren't my old clothes i would get super-duper excited too. Now i only get pissed off when Sarah brings in her finds and they dont fit me at about rubbing ones nose in it.

A new stall to the market was a Henna tattoo artist. I stupidly got one put on right before pack up time and had to hold my arm straight as i lugged things about

Allana's art work being completed

My finished product...i will let you know how long it lasts.

In our little town our farmers market has closed down...sad we are opening up our stalls to fresh produce and the like. After all...aren't veggies and cooking "made with love"??

We are currently seeking submissions for ALL me on for more info.

I am LOVING the feed back we are getting from our punters. We have a real happy energy floating around our space and i hope this can continue. Our visitors numbers were a bit down this weekend but there was a slight flood in our region unlike anything we had experienced before and the aftermath from Christmas didn't help. Anywho we are getting back to the advertising and i am sure we can establish ourselves enough to keep continuing.
Till next market....keep the LOVE peeps

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.