Nana and Pas House

This week was my thirty first bithday. It was also the same day that my Pa had a massive stroke. It was the most scariest thing i have ever deblt with. 
I know i am lucky for having most of my grandparents still, as many don't have any. My Nana and Pa are also the most active 70 somethings that i know. So it came as a great surprise when i was rung up and informed of the situation. Right there was when my birthday ended.
I rushed to the hospital. It was just my Nana and I when we were taken into the room and given the news that more than likely he would not survive. Nana and Pa had been together over 50 years and i am pretty sure they have never spent a night away from each other. I slept in Nana's bed that night and we talked for hours, going between the emotions of laughing and crying. I couldn't imagine a life without my Pa let alone how my Nana was feeling.
The family rushed home from mainland Australia and we all gathered for massive stints in the hospital. Pretty sure we have never experienced such family time before.
Pa is still alive and surprised us by eating on the third day....he will never be the same but he is communicating so well.....but i feel its going to be particularly hard for Pa to lay in a bed for the rest of his life and not drive to Adelaide or spend hours in his wood working shed each day.
While sitting at my Nana and Pas house i cooked tea for the family and waited for them to come home from another long day at the hospital i realised that they would never be able to live in that house together again.
I was horrified to think that all the memories i had there may be ripped out by anyone that would buy the house and renovate i got out my camera......

This is my Great grandmas tea pot. Its over 100 yrs old. I hope one day i get to care for it. But i am pretty sure that others are also hoping the same.

Nana's linen cupboard. Where all great oppie finds come from....

This passage way until recently had track marks on the carpet where Nana stomped around for years. I really wish i had photoed that before they ripped it up recently. The corridor leads to an amazing lead light window.

Nana's side board filled with gifts from many a day ago...some even from her wedding. The side board is a bit worse for wear.

Nanas organ. I played with it when i was young but i know for sure she can sing out a merry hymn on it.

Pa's steps in his woodworking shed. There are piles of wood here and half finished projects that make me very sad to look at.

The cubby house in the back yard that i used to play in when i was tiny. Apparently Pa built it for my Mum and my Auntie when they were young. I used to love this place. Surrounded by Pa's amazing veggie garden and next to the shed where cocky used to live.

The toilet door with original handles and lock . The toilet was always unique. It used to have a proper chain to pull to flush the toilet and had a cute door to lead directly outside.

I had many more pictures of Nana's house that i think i will keep to myself. This time of year it is always hard when things like this happen. We all need to appreciate those around us all the time and not get too caught up in the negatives of the world. Stay safe this year people. Its hard enough with the things that happen that we can't control let alone the accidents that we cause by rushing around and not considering others.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.