Weekend Wash Out = Soggy Pirates

So this long weekend we went to Stanley in the caravan. Anyone in Tassie knows its risky a business  camping on this long weekend. And this weekend was a total wash out. But we survived. We braved the weather for a full two days before we woke on the third morning with two wet bed (instead of just one from the day before) and decided to pull the pin and go home.  There is only so much drying a girl can do on holidays!! We got all our portable stuff out of the caravan and left the van up  to pack the next day with the hope it might dry out a bit (and it did).

Big Girl G was awesome in the caravan once again. Slept well and handled having to stay inside real well....except for the nagging about wanting to go out on her bike all day.

I would have loved to take more pictures of the historical town...its so quaint. We do plan another trip back there very soon so i can actually enjoy the park, walks, beaches , fishing , galleries and town. Not to mention i want to climb the nut again (well at least take the chair lift) .

We did get to the Sea Aquarium (cause it was indoors) and saw heaps of cool stuff. My favorite was the octopus sitting (guarding) its eggs (below).

Our view of the nut from our caravan between pouring rain
What it looked like on the day we went back to pack up....brilliant. 

Wild Tassie weather at its best....i did quite like being in the elements...i didn't hate it...i just cant sleep in a wet bed (funny that).

And lastly a pic of Big Girl G escaping the wet in her PJ's....awwwww

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.