Stitch n Bitch Pt 2 - (My Creative Space)

Now before we get too excited i must mention that these are only a few of the projects i completed and discovered on the Stitch n Bitch fest....ok ok you can get excited now. 
Sarah and i started on the "Quick n Easy Party Skirt". Meant to take roughly two hours and it was encouraged that you might like to have a party in mind when you finished as you wouldn't be able to wait to wear it out. Rubbish. It took like seven hours and was not that quick or easy. Sarah has a very funny blog about them on her page. We are seen twirling in the picture above...awww dont we look cute (no, there was no music).

Pointy pussies seemed to be popping up everywhere. I never got a picture in which all the pussies were all together..I think down loaded from a tute online....many a pussy joke inserted here.

Claire and i  made some cute ruffled clutches.....Same pattern..different sizes .....hmmmm???? Mines the yellow one and Claire made the green one.

Two Stitchies are currently duffy so we planned to contribute to two quilts. All involved where to construct two panels 32 cm by 32 cm and in natural colours. The design was up to the sewer. I will do a post at a later date about all my baby quilts i have made and contributed to. I'm pretty sure Claire has the nasty job of putting them together.
The most special and instant inspiration project goes to Jacky and her Chanille bird cage cover. I am told that embellishments will be added later to the finished product.So cute i nearly want to buy a bird.....well a cage at least.


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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.