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This week its been about organinsing and lingering jobs......

Cleaned out my scraps (finally)and found a lot of strips, so started a rag rug....another addition for the caravan perhaps?

I started making a Pedi-skirt from a tute i found on line and out of scraps i found at Vinnie's.....and my sewing was invaded again so the trusty circle "sewing" for baby G made another appearance.

I have been going on a huge clean out rampage...i feel as though i was always bringing things home and nothing was ever getting thrown out or discarded....i hate being a hoarder sometimes. But i feel as though a clean out was necessary in more ways than one.....bring on summer and a new start to the year.....Spring cleaning baby....a fresh start.
Any hoo back to the sewing i organised all my clothes i would like to up-cycle...a stitch n bitch weekend project perhaps? I tried a quick up cycle of clothing today and got a total FAIL on the project......maybe i'll find something else to do on S&B weekend.....

And i have started on using some of those 40 thousand (sarcasm font) jumpers i bought for 4 bucks fifty (see previous blog post). I made some new pillows for the couch out of a couple of pure wool ones and placed a large button in the centre.
I have been collecting inspiration from blog world on projects to complete with these jumpers so you may have to endure a few more yet.

This is the LAST week to enter the Tea Cosy Swap so shoot me your details to to get in on it. For more details click on the pages tab above.

Hope you got to get your creative on this week. Make sure you pop over to Kristies for more creative godesses.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.