Tea Cosy Swap

So heeeere we go! Would you like to join in the fun? Create a tea cosy masterpiece then send it traveling to its new home, then wait (not so patiently) for a lovely package to arrive at your home and decorate your tea parties.....well here's the plan....

  • Enter via email
  • Place button on your blog to promote the fun
  • Receive a partner, communicate
  • Create
  • Swap
  • Share

Rules.....(well rules is a strong term, "Guides" perhaps)

  • Once your email is sent please commit to completing the swap as i would hate to have sad faces out there. Only happy faces please.
  • Swap to include cosy only, not the tea pot.
  • Cosies may be made using any method. Use knit, sew, crochet, felt..etc....google baby!
  • Email michellewalkerdesigns@gmail.com with you name, email, blog site (if you have one), and postal address.
  • You will be matched up with a partner and your details will be passed on to each other. Where-on you can communicate tastes, size of your pot, colours, etc.
  • Please send your tea cosy by or before the allotted time frame so no one gets upset or misses out.
  • I have some participants that aren't from the blogging world and will be matched with other non bloggers. Bloggers will be matched with other bloggers. The entry is not limited to those of the blogging community or part of the world they live in, as long as they get their email and details to me in time.

Time Frame

  • I suggest we start the gathering of participants for six weeks from now (Till the 25th of September). The closing date will be final.....i will confirm final closing date in the near future.
  • The creating time will be another five weeks after that (30 Oct).
  • Two weeks after the closing date bloggers or peeps with photo sharing sites can place a link back to this site to share the work with everyone. I will find a linky thinging so we can all share the love. If you are entering from outside of Australia i might suggest trying to send your item on week four of creating time so that we might all get them around the same time

How to add a button to your site

Tea Cosy Swap

Copy and paste the code at the bottom of the button and place it in a HTML gadget in you blog layout.

Final cosy show off

At the end on a designated day after all the cosy's have had enough time to arrive at their new parents place i will post a link button in which you can come back and create a link back to your blog post that will show off what you made and what you received....ooo i love show and tell!!


There are plenty of sites online to give you patterns and suggestions if you get stuck. Please contact your partner to get a good indication of their tastes. Plus forming new friends is all part of the fun.

I have created a permanent Cosy page for you to pop onto anytime. Just look at the top of the blog to find the tab.

Sound like something that is up your alley...you could email me now, this instant and please feel free to share this swap with those that might like to join in.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.