I feel so sad for all the lost craft projects floating around out there. When i see one sitting lonely in a charity shop i have to pick it up and give it a new home. One thing about sewing/crocheting is you begin to understand how much time goes into a project. I think those that toss them to the curb are selfish in their neglect for the hours that have gone into that work.
Luckily for me though i score hours of love and hard work and get to keep them.
This is a window quilt that i found years ago. Even then i could see the love in this project. I had a strong disinterest for and with quilting back them so it was a wonder i was able to recognise the beauty in this one.....lucky!

I was browsing our local second hand store "Mother Hubbard" and found this QUEENSIZED hexagon doona cover for 15 bucks!!! Did i mention it was QUEENSIZED!!! Imagine the work in that! The hours!!!

I bought it home. I washed it. It fell apart.
But only one type of the hexagon was disappearing. So i took it along to Stitch n Bitch and it was decided that turning it into a quilt would give it more stability....and all the broken hexagons have to be changed......

So this will be my couch project for the coming weeeeeeks and moooonths. On the back I plan on giving it a real funky twist to brighten it up. Also stated by Claire was that she was kind of pleased she hadn't found it and hadn't committed to doing it up. Wise words i think.....what the hell have i done!

I am increasingly miffed with our wasteful society. Yesterday i went to vinnes and bought a charf bag full of jumpers from vinnes for 7 buck fifty. You can buy a bale for 45. The jumpers i intend to use in sewing projects and a few of the bad ones went to the dogs beds. I just cant believe how much we throw away. Its shameful. I shudder to think of everything that went under the knife at clothing recyling plants. Clothes that i would love to own....and every other vintage freak out doesn't bare thinking about.
I better stop here..this could become a lecture on consumerism.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.