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Another crazy week in the sewing room. I made another dress for myself but haven't had time to photograph it yet, next week i promise....but this week i made....
....this little ruffle dress from an old long sleeve t-shirt. I got the tute from Vintage Pollyanna's Blog. Easy to follow as long as your not a stress head over pattern perfection. I love it and i think its adorable easy to pattern to have a go at. I am a big fan of t-shirt refashions. Its a bit big for her right now but in summer it should be fab.It didn't take long to make and completed in in one Stitch n Bitch night.

A new painting which i finished a couple of weeks ago but forgot to photograph it before i took it down to be exhibited at the local council chambers. I had a lot of trouble with the ink i was using and so i encountered a lot of problems when putting it on canvas. I had the design laid out for a while but had difficulty coming back to it after my first issue with the ink.
I am going to continue the themes of Grey and yellow, and caravans....i cant wait to become a summer gypsy again.

I whipped up this quick little dress for G, and as seen here, apparently it is a dancing dress...

We also had the most wonderful day for getting outside and playing on Monday. Followed by more rain rain rain.
I also wanted to share my most recent favorite find. A little art deco mirror complete with original cobwebs and bailing twine as its hanging sting.

I have decided to do go ahead with organising a "Tea Cosy Swap" .I will get onto making up the important information (blog buttons and rules) shortly. Hopefully have it up by the weekend. So pop back soon and keep in touch if your mustard.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.