Chocolatefest Dress Competition.

Opps...i just realised i have had this post on drafts for ages and have never got around to posting it.
Sorry guys. So here are some pics from the Chocolatefest competition.

This was the winner. A very large entry. A second hand dress painted in the chocolate colour and completed by a young Polytechnic student. Well done!

A little look at my entry on display...looks tiny compared to some of the others. I did get rather excited when i peaked at someones voting form and they were writing my entry down.....makes you feel good!!

This is another one of the entries. I didn't get around to photographing them all as the space they held the dresses in was packed full of people. I also got gossiping to the many people i found i knew hanging out in Latrobe that afternoon, i do get distracted easy lets be honest. The competition received not only a great number of entries i felt that everyone had done an amazing job of them.

The improvements i would make on the competition itself was to have the dresses displayed longer. One day of display is not enough for the amount of time that goes into them. It would be great to see them hanging out in the foyer of the council chambers for the week prior to the festival. This would be great publicity and also make the entrant feel a little bit more value had been extracted from their hard work.
I would also like to see the judging format changed. Leaving the winner to the perils of a public vote seems a bit of a cop out on behalf of the organisers and also favors those with many friends and relatives in the area.
These are only my thoughts and having been in charge of the Tulip festivals art program for two years i know how difficult it is to organise these events. You can never please everyone.

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