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Firstly i need to say sorry for only posting on "My Creative Space" days of late..but at least it keeps me to a regular post..i guess. I will be posting up some beautiful pictures i took down in Hobart over the next couple of days. I'm not in to photography but i just got a little inspired by the architecture, the new and the old, where the two worlds merge. So if your into a piccy then stay tuned.

I spent all last week preparing stock for a potential buyer, in which the meeting fell through, sad face, so if anyone is looking for stock that is bagged and tagged ready for the market, let me know.

I have however been a bit miffed with always creating for an invisible /unattainable market in this rural environment.I have so many projects i would love to spend my limited time on. So i have decided to create for purely selfish means in the coming weeks. I wish i had done this before....i hate wasting my energy when i could be more constructive and satisfied doing my own work.
Here's a tiny peak of what i got to start on tonight...thoughts have been ticking for a couple days now and i am hating even being on here to do this post instead of sewing..hee hee.

On a good note some projects i got finished are....The Latrobe Chocolatefest wearable art competition dress. Garment must be inspired by entry is called "Melt". Obviously based on melted chocolate, dripping with indulgence. So succulent.......mmmmm.

Winter is back and that means i have been hitting the crochet again. After completing three little tunics for baby G Claire asked me to do one for Miss Maggie. She suggested a was a great swap and a great idea. Since finishing the apron swap i was hankering to do another. So after a four hour drive of crocheting home from Hobart i finished Miss M her tunic...hope she likes it....i have also documented the pattern..coming!.... to you...soon!

Claire made G this amazing coat from a wool blanket and lined in a fab stripey material..and i love the paddington bear toggles....please pop over to Claire's for a more detailed look of her creation....little G also adores her coat and wears it everywhere.

Also make sure you pop over to see everyone elses "Creative Space" this week.
Hope you got creative this week. x

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.