Identity Issues

In the world of blogging i am relatively new. When i created my blog layout i did it with purely my tastes in mind. Once i got that sorted i threw myself into (at more like it) the crafting/arty community.
About a month into the blogging world i started to see a trend forming across multiple blogs....and it was "White". I can understand the "why white" question. Its clean, sophisticated and modern, but i guess i started to ask "Do i fit in?" "Am i cool enough?". One can even feel like the dork in the playground on the internet.
I posed the question to my friend Claire,and we had a mini discussion about it. Her blog is mainly green so she has also dissed the white trend.
Look i have nothing against the white blog..i kind of envy those that have done it. But truth be told i kind of like have that extra personality into my blog. Claire suggested that it makes it stand out from the crowd. Hers has been referred to as "the green blog"...which, lets be honest, isn't the most flattering term...BUT least they remembered and recalled the blog.
Over the many blogs i have looked at i hardly single any of them out. They become a bit of a blur at times. I am impressed with their content mainly but unless i start following them i would hardly be inclined to return if they haven't stood out.
I feel awful...please don't get me wrong. I am not bagging WHITE out....nor do i feel that my way of doing things is superior to that of the white blog...not at all. I just like putting my mark on my blog, ultimatley the blog has become the place where i can express and share everything in whole.
I like sharing pictures, my art, sewing , gardening, my stories and opinions. On all of the social sites i have joined and commited time too this has by far been the most comprehensive. Other sites are so specific to the need. Facey- social/games. Burda- Sewing, Redbubble/Zazzle - art, Youtube,-music/video, Myspace....what is Myspace for these days???
So how about it people? What do you think? Is it good to stand out from the pack...i'm not asking for approval...i'm ok with how things are looking....but would love to know why you shaped your blog they way you did or any looks/trend you are noticing/liking. Look forward to any comments.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.