Crochet Tunic Tops

As requested here is where i got the pattern for the tunic tops i have been crocheting... i found took me a while but it was in "Interweaves Crochet" Magazine Spring 2008. You may be able to find a back issue of this if your really keen ....or you can wait a bit. I am about to start a new one for a friend so i will write down the instructions and my made up pattern as i go might just be a couple of weeks away.

As you can see the first one which was taken directly from the pattern was HUGE and looks massive on my little girl...its hard to tell in this picture but trust me...its way to flouncey and not long enough......i constructed it when i was pregnant so i was unable to gauge the size when i made it on an actual child.

The second one i made way after the first and constructed the pattern in my head as i went. I also added ribbon to the arms and lace to the bottom to jazz it up. The other major alteration to the pattern was changing the stitch to double crochet instead of single which allowed me to make it heaps quicker and weave through the ribbon with ease.
So if your interested in the pattern..stay tuned...i will post it soonish (meaning i have no idea when).
My model was being very "Naomi Campbell" on the day and thought this is the way you pose for the camera, seriously i took like nine photos trying for a better shot and the all carry the same hard to find good help these days.

Of course you can also view the third tunic top in my last "Creative Space" post.

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