Beetroot Marmalade - Recipe

A part of our Babies Mumma's group is being involved in lunching. It is a very serious business. Much tasting is required and we seem to have developed the perfect recipe for the perfect lunch.

VJ's wholemeal sour dough loaf, Pate from IGA, Brie Cheese from Lactos and Beetroot Marmalade from the Tasmanian Food company. The last ingredient in the lunch turned into quite an expensive habit for me ...I fell deeply in love with it and was also known to take it for morning tea at work (there still may be red stains on the book I'm working on).

In the end I thought I had to make my own and figure out a similar recipe. I also grew my own organic red beets/beetroots to cook with. I now keep a stock of it in my cupboard and an open jar in the fridge. Best enjoyed with a soft cheese on crackers or soft bread of your choice.....drooooollllll.

Recipe is approximate so use a bit of your own initiative, but the second time I repeated the recipe it came out just as good. In one batch I even added some chilli for a bit of extra zing.

  • Red beets/Beetroots ( I used 4/5 large ones) Boil with skins on and then peal as it comes off much easier. Grate or cut small pieces.
  • Sugar - 2 cups (added more later, maybe three in total)
  • Vinegar - 2 cups (White)
  • Ginger (powdered or fresh) 1 tsp powdered - 2-3 tsp fresh
  • Garlic- half clove
  • Salt/pepper - to taste
To taste or roughly half teaspoon of the following:
  • Cinnamon
  • Cloves
  • Vanilla sugar or Vanilla
  • Mixed spice

Pre boil, peel and cut up beets. Bring to the boil beets in vinegar sugar juice. Add spices. Boil/simmer till beets are soft and juice has evaporated a bit, maybe one hour. Place into sterilized jars with juice covering the beets and once open keep in the fridge.

Please let me know by commenting if you have tried this recipe - I would love to know your results.
Num nummmmm. Enjoy xxx

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