Webby of the day.

Thread Bangers is an American website that contains homemade funky goodness. I have used their site before to create the Scoodie (Scarf/Hoodie...scarf with a hood attatched).
But i do like their stuff and their funky presentation. You can even get a laugh out of their tutorials which is kinda nice. They make the whole ordeal of creating something for the novice so much less intimidating and portray that "lets just have a crack" attitude. There is also opportunity for people to add to the site and participate in its crafty fun.
I mean why not? Have a go peoples.....i hate hearing people say "oh i could never sew/paint/be crafty". There is no standard to your creations unless you are trying to market them as a product...no one even has to know if you stuff up majorly and even then isn't learning half the fun?

I just loved the following tutorial on creating a cake holder for tea parties. Since i am into tea parties, cups of tea and all things cake it was really up my alley. I went searching for a vintage version of these and had great difficulty finding one that was in an acceptable price range. The one i evntually bought was damaged but i refuse to spend over $50 bucks at a second hand store where it had been donated to them for free.

Anyhoo...enjoy the tutorial and take a trip over to Thread bangers Website for a peekyboo....

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