Stitch and Bitch Weekend.

The "Stitch and Bitch" weekend was amazing!!!

Food without cooking, preparing, cleaning up afterwards.
Sewing in large uninterupted blocks and until the wee hours of the morning.
Conversations - sharing, insipiring.
Second hand, Garage sales, markets and op shops.
Music - live (Fleetwood Mac tribute band) My ipod allllll weekend and lovely out of tune singing...mainly mine.

The next ones not till October. How will i hold out that long?? There are rumors of a weekly meeting in Wynyard for any that might need to get a weekly dose of stitching and bitching..apply within....(it starts this Tuesday at the Art centre)
Some of the girls are featured in the picture above but more joined us the next day....we had a great group full of learners and teachers, teachers that learned and hard core sewers.

Firday night we arrived, set up, and was served our first meal...yes served!!! Then we put on our glad rags and hit the town to see a Fleetwood Mac tribute band that was almost as good as the real thing. The venue was packed with all ages and we ripped up the dance floor. Returning home to toast and sewing till early hours of Saturday morning.

Saturday woke, slighty dry (lingered allll day) breakfast, garage sales and then power sewing for the rest of the day. Stopped for eats and cups of tea and fell exhausted into bed after midnight.

Sunday woke and headed to markets and op shops, power sewed again till i was forced into packing up and going home. Not happy jan.

The most creative project award goes to the skirt made with doilies..lovely.
Lots of reading material was distributed by all...and teaching from everyone.

Claire's lovely boxes full of beautiful things. Voted best/prettiest work station on campus. This picture featuring the pin cushion that she taught a few to make...i ran out of time but it is next on my list to complete.
Oh how i love thee vintage patterns!!

Claire and her scores at actually was so exciting!!

Oh my!!! Curtains made from jeans....what a large project...voted most ambitious for the weekend!

Lovely Ellen getting stuck into the quilt that has eluded being finished by many of her previous generations. I think she might actually have a chance of getting it finished this time. Voted most dedicated to the cause.

This is the project that i worked on the ENTIRE weekend. Still uncompleted and i don't think i will show you much more than this right now. Nearly there. Biggest project i have worked on...ever.

Thank you girls for making this such a wonderful weekend...very tiring but totally worth it. I think you should all come to the next one. I wonder what band will be on at the resort next time?? xoxoxooxo

Seriously can i move into Camp Banksia??

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.