Look, I'm all grown up...i own art.

I have decided to invest in other peoples art ...i am getting quite sick of mine on the walls ...i mean i just cant look at my own work for too long.....

Recently while in target i noticed an elderly couple buying a print for $180. The print being bulk made and infamously boring with a lack of invention. Why on earth would people spend that much on bulk art???...... when they could just as easy buy an original and support local...even non-local artists. That much money could buy you quite a a nice piece from an emerging artist and they would be thrilled to sell you a work....i don't see target getting quite that excited when you buy a work from them.

When i look at craft/sewing work i admire, and would love to buy, it is quite often out of my price range. I also think that i could make them myself. But i do accept the work that has gone into the product and its is worth the price they are asking. I love the fact that they are not scrimping and lowering their price just to make a sale....worth every penny they ask.

The crafts out there can sometimes be same samey but when it comes to art very rarely do you find two styles the same. I have my own art style and cannot easily replicate others work let alone come up with that idea all by myself. So i am pleased to buy others art work and will super duper try to build up a convincing collection at home.

The two girls above are by the artist, Braidy. I have been watching her on Redbubble for a while and admire her style. So when she advertised originals going on her Etsy site i snapped up two. She totally undersold herself, and i basically stole them but i am a very happy owner of the lovely ladies. The bottom ones are my own work....hiding amongst Braidy's.

This one is by a local artist Beverly McNammara and i adore it. I asked for the commission before Chrissy and i was so overjoyed to receive it by February! Bev and her partner Alex are part of my art centre and luckily make money from their art in the way of free lancing....They used to work for Disney Australia, So you can see the slight animation in the painting. Its a translation of the rolling hills of Boat Harbor, right on our door step. I love it. Its perfect.

I think you should support an artist today....not just buy a painting/craft item but to leave a comment on their blog, website etc. Its all for a good cause and there is nothing like public praise to lift ones spirits. You never know ..you could just make their day.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.