I Op therefore I am.

I loove "Op" shopping and find it a great way to get that shopping "high" with only twenty bucks in your wallet. Today i scored two summer dresses for 6 bucks...but it is going into winter right now so i guess i might have to wait a while to wear them without the tights and long sleeve top underneath.

There are rules to good Op shopping
1. Allow plenty of time to rifle..this sport cannot be rushed.
2.If you like it buy it...comon its only 3 bucks!! You cant even get a takeaway coffee for that!
3. Keep your hands as empty as possible to trawl through the racks, an over the shoulder bag or money tucked in your pocket allows you both hand cruising.
4.Imagine, think, create what that item can become....not what it is.
5. No you can never have enough of....

So i thought i would share with you some of my finds...i have many but want to show you a few of the larger items...i cant share with you all the fabric and clothing i have found..some of it was a good buy..some of it sits in the cupboard in waiting.

A dressing table i found at a second hand store. I have taken the mirror off it and use it as a side table.

This pic of two mirrors that i have started collecting to decorate my bathroom with. I especially love the one with the etched bird and holding chain.

A vintage sewing box that i store some of my CD's in...i love it and i paid too much for it in op shopping terms. $25 bucks!! I had to scrape the car ash tray for change for that one...it was worth it.

In the latest issue of Mixtape there is an article relating to taking an oath. An oath not to buy clothes anymore. Except for socks, shoes and undies of course. But to make or create all of the clothing you wear. This does not mean throw away all you have right now but to try to live without buying any new clothes. I like this challenge...i would like to brave enough to take up this challenge. Especially as it allows you to rifle and buy from Vinnes...and re-inventing Vinnes clothes are fast becoming my favorite pass time.....oooo should i be brave?? Maybe i could try for 80-90 % of found and home made clothes but i think i still need to lapse occasionally....sometimes a girl just must have that top..especially if its "half off" (said in a Nanny Fine accent).

Now if we could talk op shops into getting eftpos it might even increase their sales from me...dear lord..where would i store it all?

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.