Flanny Tu-Tu, Reworked fashion

So i am going to have a go at re-working garments from Op shops. This is my reinvention of a flanny shirt, traditionally worn by the bogan, now worn by the fashionable.
I used a found shirt and a skirt and fluffed it out with some fabrics i had at home.
I nearly wore it out to a dinner i had in Burnie the other night but lost my nerve at the last moment. But i will do it!!!....i just need to find the right shoes to match...i am thinking that perhaps my found cowboy boots just might be the go.

I am so close to committing myself to the eco clothes pledge.....which is to only sew, or source second hand clothes for myself. This does exclude underwear (phew), shoes and accessories...you also get to keep all the clothes in your wardrobe right now. I think i might have to make an exception for jeans though......don't think i am capable of sewing those and i'm not real keen on the high waisted varieties available at second hand stores.
This pledge is set to reduce the amount of personal consumption on the environment. Have a look in your wardrobe....disregarding fashion i think we all have enough clothes to wear for the rest of our lives in there...i know i do. Even if we wore those till they were thread bare we would still have plenty.
I would like to fully commit myself for a year..see how it goes and then perhaps commit my daughter to it as well.....wont the in-laws be impressed with my dressing her in second hand and made clothes hee hee. Oh i need to say yes to this......i am nearly there anyway...i haven't bought new clothes for ages.....i want to..someone tell me to!!!

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.