Crafting for who?

Recently i have been looking, admiring,searching for crafts that i like. I get inspired when i find someone work i wish i had done myself. But i rarely buy others peoples craft, instead i look at it and think..."i could make that" but rarely will i remember to make it...let alone find the time to complete all of my projects i would love to do.

Since i have stopped my market on a Saturday morning i have stopped sewing/crocheting/crafting for a consumer and have returned to making little projects for me and Georgie. She has scored a new quilt made up of patterned squared swapped by the hot Babies Mumma's and i have scored a new purse and a couple of dresses. Next projects will include some bags for us both made out of an old Smurf sheet i found in Vinnie's.

But i have been thinking about other crafters out there...who are you crafting for? Why are you creating? To show other crafters...for a market...for simple pleasure? I feel like i have the need to create something everyday...its like those runners that don't get to excersise during the day and they get a bit "ansy"....i get that a grandma kind of way.

I have been stupidly tired this week and i have not touched a project for two whole days...except i have been creating the odd page for the zine a few contributors and myself are i guess i have been creating (keep your eyes and ears pealed for that...word on the street is that you might be able to download it for free!)

When i say i don't buy other peoples craft i mean just craft, but i have recently bought my first original paintings by other artists...and i am extremely happy with my purchases
Firstly i bought a painting by Beverly McNammara, who lives at boat Harbor with her lovely partner Alex. They both used to work for Disney and are some of those "lucky" people that can make money and survive on their work. Its a scenery of the rolling Boat Harbor hills and i am head over heels with it. I will get around to posting a picture soon.
The other works i have bought are by an artist i have admired on Redbubble for a while...Braidy....and i bought two of her paintings from Etsy...when i say "bought" i mean "stole" because that's how cheap i got them...i actually feel bad.

I think i would like to make a habit of buying original works..but also i should be investing in the homegrown crafter...there is truly some wonderful talent out there that we should all be them some love....because i do love you crafting community!! BIG HUGS ALL ROUND!!

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.