Cat- Rabbit at the Gallery.

On Tuesday night i went along to a workshop at the Devonport Gallery with feature artist Cat-Rabbit. Who was a lovely young lady that led the group in making a small softie.
Cat's work is pretty cool and kind of encompasses the way i am feeling about art and craft crossing lines right now. There is an abundence of this kind of work out there right now that sits between the lines of these two skills. Can one skill be mixed with another? I am positive there is a difference between just craft and just art, but there is also arty craft, crap art and tacky craft. The world of bloggin has really opened my eyes up to this huge movement thats is evolving. I knew it was there i just didn't realise how massive it actually was.

I have no idea where my lines will cross between art and craft but i am having fun finding out.

There was an awesome turn out and the workshop and it went for a massive three hours.

Some of the creations from the night....there were even two boys there sewing...i kind of had a crush on them by the end of the night....i am positive neither of them were gay! They did a great job! Everyone was dedicated and no one moved from their project for the whole time!

I did score a cup of tea...tea, sewing, music and conversation make a wonderful combination.

Awww beautiful Claire Creating her softie....The pearls so fit too!

And "Skelly" my end result gets a new home....Georgie won't be scoring this little baby!

This weekend i get to play this crafting game with a "Stitch and Bitch" meeting. Friday to Sunday filled to the brim with ladies, sewing, tea, convos, and the occasional wine. I am just soooo excited about it and have bearly been able to contain my excitment for more than a month now....there maybe an internet shortage on the weekend though...i am sure i will cope...survive...same thing.
For the weekend I think i will tackle a quilt (not my usual caper) and perhaps finish my crocheted sculpture for my very patient friend and cafe owner Lisa..

This overload of craftism really proves that enough craft is never enough.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.