"Natural" Woman

Once i was told that i was someones "cup of tea" because i was a "natural woman"...just the way they liked them. It was a lovely comment but far from the truth.....i actually sat there agast....not wanting to knock back the compliment but the truth of how actually "natural" i was was so far from the truth it wasn't funny. It also made me realise how ignorant boys are to the complicated routines that women must complete.

On that particular day i had not done anything other than my usual routine, i had not slacked off and i had not gone out of my way to dress myself up. Still my alterations on that day were:

Hair - Shampoo & Conditioner, Hair product - two or more, blow dried, and set. coloured and cut.
Body hair - Shaved, waxed, plucked and preened.
Body moisturiser...possibly fake tan.
Face - Moisturiser, Make up, Washed and scrubbed in the shower.
Nails- painted toes and fingers, filed and cut.
Shower routine - Body scrub, feet exfoliated, face mask.
Teeth brushed and deodorant........Let alone to talk about the constant thinking about diet and excersize ( i did say thinking, not always followed to the letter).

Ok so i know some of this stuff isn't out of the ordinary, even in a mans routine, but come on...i was far from a natural woman!!
Imagine if i was...just left everything to hang out...slob it up....or even discontinued the maintainence part of it...would i then cross into the realms of "smelly hippy"...could i actually give up the routine?
Since stopping hairdressing i have stopped wearing so much makeup, worrying about my hair colour and my gel nails. I have let the routine slip but i still take pride in myself....and refuse to wear trackies down the street. I wonder if i could ever stop intentionally....i know i could if forced...forced to compete in the reality show "Survivor"...no worries...but i don't think i could ever do it fully aware and intentional.
I dont care how un-feminist it is... i need to feel nice, i like to look after myself, i like to dress up and look pretty. It makes me feel like a woman, it makes me feel happier, it gives me confidence, I dont feel any need to rough it completely. ...perhaps its my "speed", my feminine drug of choice.
In the past i have been asked why i would wear a dress down the street...or dress nice to go watch a footy game...but i like it and those that ask sometimes (usually) choose to wear trackies or jeans...i don't ask them why.....
So next time ( if ever again) someone calls me a natural woman would i mention the time and care that it took to get me to my natural state? No.....i think i would react the same, smile and take the compliment...of course its all natural.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.