Hippie Fest (The Forest Festival)

So this weekend i decided to become a smelly hippie...brilliant. Apparently this festival has been running for twenty years and longer...so how can a local Tasmanian have never heard of it? And to be told by an English girl of its existence is even stranger.....

The forest festival is a celebration of all things hippie and alternative. Held in the picturesque location behind Deloraine. There were market stalls, music, circus performers, drum workshops, early 90's clothing (considered alternative), funny foods and funny smelling air...hmmmm. The weather for the weekend was amazing but the nigth was one of the coldest i have endured camping...Baby G even climbed into our bed to keep warm.

One thing notably absent from this festival was the presence of security.....seriously there was none!! This is perhaps the difference between a festival aimed at the drinkers and a festival aimed at the "smokers". There was absolutly no need for security anyway..i did not see one fight or angry intention..but we did experience a few strange conversations about "finding one's self" and enduring a lot of new age bullshit and crap art.

My main attraction to this festival was the music (a close second is the excuse to again use the new caravan). I have never sat all day and night and witnesses such amazing original and mostly local music. Who ever was responsible for the line up should be given an award or something. If you get a chance to ever see one of these band please do.... Kasper, Emma Wild, Nellie Degrassi, Andrew McSweeney & Eddie Tuleja, Max Bladel, The Gin Talking, Miasma, Holy Cow, Diana Anaid, Combat Wombat, The Stoics, The Barons of Tang.

My favorite of the night was the head liner Diana Anaid who's songs from the 90's hold good memories for me and the surprisingly cool Combat Wombat.....amazing Hip Hop out fit from Melbourne.
The sound was amazing and run all on solar power...cool techy stuffy guys! Well done!

It was so nice to be surround by awesome music in an awesome location! Beat the hell out of all the losers that had to brave MS fest. Yes our toilets were long drops...but the were not smelly!! I would rather have used these toilets any day compared to the disgusting port-a-loo's that you usually have to put up with at festivals.

I do however have a couple of complaints...mainly in relation to the organisational skill of the festival...largely these people would be volunteers so i can't be too harsh but shouldn't the information tent be able to give out information? The bar staff were laughable...and if there is no BYO then shouldn't patrons get asked if the are carrying and the contraband be confiscated when walking around freely with drinks you cant buy from there?....not that i'm complaining mind you.

It's also amazing what you can learn from the hippie's....i found out about a new environmentally minded product....the "Keeper"...i cant say any more about this...you will just have to click the link and discover this item for yourself....Boys beware..thats all i can say...and no..i didn't buy one.

Lastly i completed the forest walk art trail and the following are some pics from that...enjoy...some where great...some (most) were not....all i have to say if you don't feel passionately about your "muse" then please don't make a work of art out of it. And please stick to you capabilities.....thankyou.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.