Hating pink.

For as long as i can remember i have disliked pink (i guess the word hate is pretty strong). I believe it has something to do with my skin colour and i always seemed to swing toward reds in my clothing rather than pink.
This had been influenced by the over use of pink by teeny boppers, tacky girls and blonde bimbos. So i had turned my back, frowned and disapproved of all that is pink for a very long time. My dislike of this colour gradually turned in to the hatred of it. It was everywhere, i couldn't understand it and shared no joy in it. Even to the point of turning up my nose if someone should mention the word.

Then i gave birth to a little baby girl.

I fought it, i scavenged for all the girls clothing i could find that was not pink. It was hard...it was hopeless. I gave in.
Well there is hardly the choice when you are given pink items and go to the stores only to find all the girls clothes littered with the colour. Unisex colours (lemon and green) really didn't suit her...plus i wanted everyone to instantly recognize her as a girl to avoid akward moments for all involved and i was also proud to be the mother of a baby girl.
Pink did suit her, i don't think she carried the same colourings as me, her darker tanned skin suited pink, and she did not (or not yet) receive my pale freckly complexion.
My dislike was starting to soften and i barely battered an eyelid when it came to buying pink items. Then i discovered something else. The colour was appearing in my art work...and i kind of liked it. I guess just because i had a diversion to wearing the colour didn't mean to say that i couldn't use it in other parts of my life..... I mean its not like i was ever going to (or had to) decorate my house in it.
So i have accepted it....given in and started to rejoice in the colour. It's like experiencing a new colour...something that cant really be done after the first few times you pick up a paint brush....its kind of cool. The down side of this is that i have become like a child with a new toy....it seems i cant get enough and the last few paintings contain the colour.....i wonder if this trend will wear? Or will i embrace it and stick with it for years? I guess only time will tell. In a way i'm not stressed about it.
Honestly i really don't think you will be seeing me in a pink dress/top anytime soon, and i if do please...please ring those close to me to check my state of mind because i am sure all would not be well.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.