One of my passions is the arts. I wanted to find people to bounce off, explore ideas, talk to and gain inspiration from.
I live in a small coastal town in Tasmania Australia. The cultural life here is almost non existent. Most artists in the region keep to themselves. Most artists in our region still paint in water colours and create horrible scenery's that have been done thousands of times before....yuck and yawn.

I went to University and fell in love with the feeling you get being surrounded by others that were intently interested in creative endeavors. As the time got closer to finishing my studies i was aware that i would be outcast back to our community where i had no one to share these experiences with.
I set out to remedy this cultural desert by creating and founding a local community art centre where people could meet, talk, hold functions, exhibitions,create workshops.....whatever and however they choose.
Today the centre has been going for four years. We are run by a small committee that keeps the centres administration on track, creates its programs through out the year and tries to engage with the larger community regardless of their talents or abilities. We keep the programs at a level we can manage and remain open to programs that outside community members may want to operate.
We host exhibitions and openings in our gallery once a month and also play host to the local poets society.
My masters at Uni was based on our operation of this centre and i am happy to forward this info on to anyone that may be thinking of starting their own.

As for the future of this centre i have taken a step back from the management to try to let it stand on its own feet without my driving it all by far its not looking too bad. I would love to se more people getting involved and creating programs under our roof..the more the merrier!!!
You can also join the art centre facebook page....

It so hard to talk about the centre with out going into great detail. A simple overview is just not possible... so i feel the brief explanation above does not full encompass what we do and what we are trying to do in the community...maybe the pictures will help....

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.