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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Making Stuff

It seems I have had some creative time inbetween baby over exposure. I have been desperately trying not to let my lack of making get to me. I feel so useless when I can't make stuff, I actually had a little cry the other day after being stuck in my chair feeding for days and couldn't even get a hand free to make. It was nice to find images of things I had made and seeing that I had been creative at some point in the baby haze.


 #Baby Boys Bedroom Bunting
Rounded design rather than the traditional points. Binding ribbon the same as used on the Baby Boy Quilt. I used quilting cotton bought from spotlight on the front and some white calico on the back.
# Bob the boyfriend - Knitted Doll
Knitted from the pattern In the book "Knit your own boyfriend" by Carol Meldrum
I have little knitting skills - if I can do it then so can you. I used the basic pattern in the book and I have yet to dress him. I was thinking of giving him to the new baby so I may leave off the clothes until he is bigger and they pose less of a chocking hazard.

On instagram I found a few hash tags relating to this book but I was the first to post an actual made doll. This got me thinking - is the concept of knitting your own boyfriend more appealing than the making? Has anyone else made themselves a boyfriend? I would love to see it.

I adore the tag line on the front of the book "knit2tog4eva"
 #Graeme Dolls
In a sewing box I found all these dolls cut out and seams sewn. All that was left to do was to stuff and put them together. I found two original sized Graeme dolls - the last of their kind. I am still lamenting not being able to find the original skin fabric. It is so beautiful and textured but those are the joys of using op shopped materials. I call this forced originality.

I have been trying to put together a site to start selling my items online again. It is taking some time but I hope to have it up and running soon. These dolls will be amongst the first items I put up there.

#Mr Fox - Softie
I made this fox using a body borrowed from my Graeme and my original fox head design. I made his jacket from a blanket off cut. My daughter said he looked weird but I think that's what makes him quirky and unique.

#And may the crafting gods forgive me - I have been 'scapbooking' uggghh. 
 To be precise -  I have been organinsing photos of the kids into books with pretty papers and memorabilia...yes that sounds like scrap booking. Oh the shame.

#I got out in the garden and spent an hour pulling weeds. I got up a sweat and it felt good.

#Perhaps it's all the time I have been sitting and thinking without the ability to make but lately I have felt the need to paint again. I have some ideas I am bursting to try. I would like to explore a path I tried briefly years ago but never fully followed though. Hopefully I have something to share with you on that soon.

That felt good writing all that stuff down. I feel much more accomplished than I did at the beginning of this post.

Tell me about your making? If I cannot 'make' myself then I can manage a hand to use a devise to look up making. Please let me stalk your stuff and leave me a comment :)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Bloomin' tulip festival - Wynyard Tasmania

As promised I am completing a post on our towns big event the Bloomin Tulip Festival.

I would firstly like to apologise for what this post is missing. I missed taking some great photos. I missed shooting the amazing steam powered carrousel. I missed showing off the helicopter rides around our beautiful cape. I missed showing you the 'show atmosphere' and some of the amazing boutique foods and wines. I missed showing you a glimpse of the fireworks that take place at night or the bands that add to the atmosphere throughout the day. I missed showing you the many markets and exhibits taking place in various locations around town.

I am having difficulty in getting any time out of the house for long periods. I am having difficulty in getting this now 6 week old baby off my lap (and my bewb) long enough to edits posts and write coherent sentences. This post took me three days to finish. I am not joking.

Please trust me that the festival was again amazing this year. The weather was particularly nice to us and the crowds were large... so large that I do believe that the wet area and the food stalls should be tripled for the next fest. I may just have to suggest this to the local council....

Till next year you big floppy flowers xxx

Friday, October 3, 2014

Tasmania's Tasmazia - Touring Local

Yesterday we did a bit more local touring. It had been many years since I had played at Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot.

The maze is located near Sheffield, the town known for its murals and and a little over an hours drive from my house. Located in view of the picturesque Mount Roland and an area known for its quirkyness.

The day was beautiful, sunny and slightly chilly in the shade. We had fun in the huge first maze before I had to retreat to feed the baby. Babies and big trips away from home are not so fun for the mother, there is a lot of sitting time, feeding in uninspired baby areas. We had something to eat in the cafe before heading back in so I could at least get my monies worth of entertainment. Our six year old had a ball and bounced around all day in-between the many things to see.

There is something slow and gentle about hedge mazes, a great appreciation of time spent in the growing and shaping. Tasmazia also boasts a great artistic element with the Village of Lower Crackpot houses and some of the best decorated women's toilets in Tasmania.

If you are looking to spend a few hours with fun for all ages I can defiantly recommend this attraction. I imagine it would be even better if you didn't have to sit and feed a newborn for an hour.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tulip Tourists - in my own town

With the arrival of visitors to our house to visit the new little man we have had the opportunity to go touring in our home town. 

In two weeks our little region comes alive with one of our biggest weekends. The Tulip Festival is lead by the planting out of the tulips on the  farm on top of Wynyard's Table Cape and hosted by the local council. The Tulip Festival has taken many forms over the years but has settled into being centralised in the local gardens. This year will be the first in four that I will not be manager of The Made With Love Market. I cannot wait to be free to roam the festival without the restriction.

Today we went for a drive to take a peak over the fence at the growing tulips. A lot of the flowers were already in bloom and quite often the flower heads don't make it to festival time. Our region is known for strong winds around that time of the year and the big tulip blooms get blown to pieces.

The weather was particularly Tasmanian whilst we were, windy, sunny and showering. It is invigorating to be a Tasmanian at this time of year. Isn't it funny that even though we live so close to the Cape and to the Lighthouse, we rarely visit. My little girl could not remember seeing the light house before, even though she had been there when she was younger. I must remember to tour our local region more often.

In two weeks I'll share with you a little more about the festival.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Baby Boy Quilt

When I had a little girl I was disturbed by the amount of pink involved. I feel the same way with blue and boys. I am not really into gender colours en-mass. Some blue and some pink are fine but I cannot deal with the colour washing of children.

Prior to giving birth I started making this quilt for the new baby. However due to my roundness I was unable to finish it becasue I couldn't get on the floor to iron and sandwich the layers together. I struggled with what colour to use in a quilt for a boy but was inspired by a quilt I saw in a store. It was nice to realise I didn't have to limit the new baby boys quilt to blues or greys. 

I feel like the colours in this quilt are of a 'circus' palette but obviously the colours are mainly primary tones. On one side I used a blue from spotlight and made a large cross. I blanket stitched the edges on my sewing machine (not by hand) and appliqued it on top of the white calico rather than piece it together in a traditional quilting technique (call me lazy - I don't care- it worked and didn't pucker ... thank goodness!). On the second side I used the same blue in a strip down the centre and some red and white stripe at either end that I found in my stash (probably thrifted but new). Inside the quilt sandwich is a up-cycled woolen blanket and the edges are bound in yellow.

The quilt is simple in nature and was an easy project but I feel it will perfectly compliment the grey feature wall in his newly painted room, adding a pop of well needed colour. 

I have some fabric to make some bunting and some curtains to hem and then the little man will finally have a room of his own (not that he will be down there for a while yet).

When I finished decorating the room I will make sure to give blogland a tour. What have you been making lately?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Born Photography - Tasmania

In between feeding my own newborn I was honored to be asked to capture another newborn. This lovely new family were a joy to photograph and you can see the love between these three in this small collection of photos. This was my first new born shoot and I hope I get to complete a few more. 
It was a lot of fun and I especially enjoyed making some props (most I didn't get to use) in preparation for the shoot. Apparently my hoards collections in my woman cave housed everything I needed to compile a huge range of props just screaming out for newborn sessions.

Below are some practice shots of my little one that I took in preparation for this session. He was not as well behaved as the little lady in the pictures above and I fear I may not get him happy enough to take some more. Apparently he does not enjoy being naked as much as his father does.