TMAG - Make Your Mark Exhibition Opening

This is (probably) the last you will hear of this project (maybe).

The opening happened last week at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. The program consisted of five areas of Tasmania pulling together digital media projects based around the theme of Respect. All projects were so unique and I was happy to say ours fitted in but also stood out amoungst the art works.

I am super thrilled that my name is on display at this amazing gallery. I have a feeling this may be my one chance to be on display there. An honour.

To view the full projection or read more on the lighthouse event you can go here.

To view it in real life please head on down to the basement of the Bond Store at TMAG.

In January I will be exhibiting it locally at ArtsCape.

I would like to think that projection art will be something I can do again in the future. Now to wait and look for inspiration ...or perhaps opportunity. Being in between projects is never easy for me. I hope it comes soon.

Frida Kahlo - Amigurumi Crochet

  I have been hooking again... its been a while.

I think I must be avoiding the great big knitting bag with a half finished sausage dog cardigan in it. 

I have wanted to make a Frida Doll for quite sometime. I spent a good while looking for the perfect pattern on the net. One that seemed just right for me. Sadly I couldn't find the right fit - happily I attempted my own original version. 

I'm fairly new to amigurumi crochet (don't even ask me to attempt to pronounce it out loud) but crochet was one of my first textile pleasures. In my woman cave I rummaged out an amigurumi magazine with a doll pattern in it. That doll pattern I used as my guide for the body and changed it as I went. Under her iconic long skirt there is some proper legs with the cutest pair of shoes. I had to interpret her hair design and imagined some flowers for her hair. 

The most intimidating part was to get her eyebrows just right.  I completed it with some embroidery floss and decided to leave off the lips.
I also added a little shawl to complete the ensemble.

I adore her.

P.S. I made this little rabbit with pearls for the little girl so I could get to keep my Frida Doll all to myself. It worked.

Branding Package - Health Food Store

The brief:

Store: Health Food Store
Look: Natural and Modern
Concept: A stamp from a wooden box used to hold vegetables etc.
Outcomes: Logo and a shop front signage

This little package was created a few months ago for the local health food store. The old design was dated and the new owner wanted to transform it to modern times. I was hoping to put up this post with a photo of the new shop front but that may be a bit away and I wanted to share this design with you guys. 

I have been picking up a bit of Graphic work here and there. It seems to come at times where I can commit to the job and my usual logo stress hasn't happened. Maybe I have had just great clients to work with lately...maybe.

This was fun.

Tulip time - Wynyard Bloomin Tulips

As some of you may be aware - Tulips are kind of a big deal round here.
It was a busy time for us with my TMAG projection project wrapping up, visiting the tulips and I had applied to hold a stall at the Festival in the Gardens for the first time.

In previous years I had been running my hand made market at the Art Center but this year, with the market being handed over to someone else I thought I would give it a go in the gardens. I am phasing out doing markets and generally sewing for other people . This was the one time I would be doing a market with my craft for this year.

The festival was very well populated, the weather was amazing, the music awesome and the food was fantastic. Unfortunately I didn't get out much to enjoy it or take photos but we did have a great time in the craft area.

My favorite new thing was a 'Make your own badge' making station that I set up outside of our marque. I populated it with paper craft, pencils, washi tape and most importantly the type writer.

The type writer was a huge crowd talking point. All of the left over word on the bits of paper I used to make a Zine. So appealing to all ages as was the old skool badge making machine.

I think I will do it again one day. Please excuse the following Insta photos from the day.

Thanks tulips - you have been amazing as usual. Till next year.

TMAG - Make Your Mark - Youth Projection Art

It is over the official launch at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in November. Phew - what a ride.

Personal achievments from the project:

*Successfully managed a group of young people for ten weeks of creativity
*Learned how to do stop motion
*Learned how to use iMovie, its layers and sound
*Projected onto our areas iconic Lighthouse
*Created a traffic jam in the turning circle of lighthouse (for an art event! in Wynyard!!)
*Handed over all the material ready for the launch, on time and nice and neatly
*Completed the project with actual days to spare (never in my life!)

If you would like to view the actual video that we projected then please pop over to vimeo or view it here:
Up from Michelle Walker on Vimeo.

And you can also view the projection in real time on the light house here:
Up from Michelle Walker on Vimeo.

Lastly we also got a little bit of newspaper action. Sorry for the photo but my scanner stoped working the day after the project was complete (thankgoodness for that timing)...

And now I am done. I have zero plans for the future. No projects in sight and the job I was hoping for next year is gone - just gone.

What to do?
Back to blogging I guess :)

Youth Projection Art for TMAG

This is what I have been up to. It is official now and we can get on with the final outcomes. I would love to see you attend if you are in the local area.

P.S. About the whole blogging thing. 
I have enjoyed my break from the the rigors of blogging...and I think I will consider this lull as just that..a break. My time is so limited with the addition of a robust baby boy that I have had to choose where I spend my time very carefully. 
As soon as I said I was giving up blogging I instantly had multiple things to blog about. I feel I will be back...when? I'm not sure but I feel I will xxx

Falling Out of Love

It's not you ..... it's me.

I think we need to talk... about this blogging business. It's just not what it use to be. I don't feel the passion or the pull to write here much anymore. I will, no doubt, still return here to make the odd post but the reasons and the passion I had for this space are no longer there. 

The old guard has abandoned ship or monetised their spaces. The comments are waning and the inspiration is no longer original or relevant to my head space.

It's not just blogging, I am also abandoning many social media platforms. I will still be there but they don't captivate me like they use to. The place I am spending more time is Instagram - it is less needy and a lot less spammy... and even that I am checking less.

I haven't lost my passion for arts and the need to record it but I feel a direction change is coming. I'm not sure what it will be yet but the lull before the passion storm is here.

This space has been my online home for so many years. I have been blessed to be exposed to such wonderful people but I also feel the soul has left this blogging business and I've never been in it for the fame or profit. It's just not me.

This has been building for a while and this morning I made the call. I feel at peace with this decision. I'm not upset and as I said before I am sure I will still hang around with the odd post. Perhaps one day it will pull me back in but I feel there will need to be a shift in how I am currently feeling about the www's.

I'm sure we can still be friends, I know people usually say that after a break up but I mean it. I'll ring you soon...ok? x

Art Making for TMAG

There are certain moments that are essential in the art making process. You hope that things will come together naturally but you never know if that lightening moment will actually strike.

First there is the idea, followed by the explorations and the hopefully, just hopefully, you can imagine the final project and what it will look like.

We are on week 5 of our Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery digital media project. I was hoping for some inspiration from my students, something to blow my mind and direct the project. It didn't come as I expected.

We have been gathering a gallery of images in Instagram. Go and have a look at these hash tags: #TMAGwynyard #TMAGwyncity and #Respectthestory

It occurred to me that these young people have a great eye. This will lead our story. It will be a story of empathy. To listen to other peoples stories. To better understand who someone is and why they act in a certain way is to know their story. Everyone has battles, issues and words flying about in their head. These things create their 'cage', their view of the world and their reactions.

This is our direction. We have an end point of what it will look like. It is so settling to know your path... we are good to go!

Chambray Love

You know that feeling when you walk into that huge fabric store and there is a 40% off store wide sale?..... yeah that feeling.

Suddenly all those delicious fabrics you have been salivating over seem a possibility. I have been dreaming of these garments made out of beautiful chambray for literally months. I bought four meters and, after these projects, I still have a good meter left. If only I could have stretched the sale to that linen I desperately want as well. I guess I will just have to be satisfied to use fabric from my most ridiculous stash next sewing session.

Firstly I made a wrap dress for me - designed a pocket for the front rather than hidden ones in the seams. I used an embroidered cross pattern to hold up the cuffs rather than go though the pain of creating another crappy button hole... plus I really like what it adds to the dress. This dress has now really moved on from the original Simplicity pattern I first used. I love its evolution.

Secondly I made this pinny dress for the 7 year old. I drafted it from scratch, added a front pocket and made the hem with a draw string for a bit of puff and scrunch. It fit her perfectly, my dress on the other hand feels a bit big.

Next on my list is a reversible blanket vest for the baby. Sewing literally never ends.

Tasmanian Forest

Have you ever been a tourist in your own town? It is something we like to do.

I have lived in the north-west Tasmanian region for most of my life and I have never been quite this far 'up the back' before.

A place called Muenna. It was once a thriving country area. We saw markers of old halls and dedications of communities now lost in time. Small gravel roads wind the way through this part of the Tarkine and some of it is littered with plantation forests.

Forestry Tasmania bought a lot of the traditional farming lands in the area and controversially planted them with their trees. Now they want to log the area and again it becomes controversial.

We visited in late afternoon and we saw still frozen over puddles and frost in the shadows. The harshness of the environment and the rocky nature of the ground induces images of how tough life 'out back' must have been for those in the past. A trip into town must have been a rare event. Clearing the land for production a huge feat, building a roads a mammoth effort. The red soils of Table Cape don't occur here.

I have heard tales of the communities and the amount of people that lived here. It is amazing that such a sense of people were bonded here. Sad in a way that it no longer exists there nor does it translate to our modern community existance.

Often the nostalgia is far brighter than the reality.

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